The MOKAN is a barbecue firelighter - as simple as it is ingenious. Ecological and fair: from raw material to packaging, it burns the coal quickly, safely and independently. No stinking chemistry, strenuous wagging or unhealthy residues in the food. Construction and operation are very easy and it is even fun to watch the MOKAN at work. Crafted in a chic design, this is relaxed, environmentally friendly and safer barbecue.

By means of the chimney effect, the MOKAN ensures that the charcoal burns out quickly. Inside the MOKAN a temperature of over 270 °C quickly arises. Normal charcoal requires about 200 °C to ignite. Due to its special shape and the used materials, it ensures that the charcoal can be prepared reliably and the environment is not bothered by chemical pollutants and unpleasant smells..

We make sure to produce as environmentally friendly as possible. As far as possible, all components are made from recycled and low-emission materials. We are constantly working to further develop the components and produce a more and more completely ecological product.

Mokan Grillanzünder - ein Mix aus Grillanzünder und Anzündkamin - macht bereits das Grillanzünden zum Erlebnis.


Easy Workflow

You only need three steps on the way to your perfect BBQ heat. The MOKAN will do the rest for you and in the meantime you can enjoy a cold drink with friends.

Fast Barbecue Heat

Of course, the time depends on charcoal type and grill model. But by using the MOKAN charcoal embers usually in approx. 15 minutes and charcoal-briquettes embers in approx. 30 minutes.

Eco-friendly and Clean

The MOKAN is clean and eco-friendly as it only consists of corrugated cardboard and a candle wick. Furthermore, the used materials mostly come from local suppliers and have therefore very short delivery routes.


Step 1:

Unpack MOKAN and set it up. Open the feet and pull the spiral over them

Schritt 1: Mokan auspacken und aufstellen. Dazu Füßchen aufklappen und die Spirale darüber abziehen

Step 2:

Place MOKAN in the middle of the grill and distribute the barbecue charcoal or charcoal briquettes like a vulcano around the MOKAN until it is tightly wrapped in charcoal.

Schritt 2: Mokan in der Mitte des Grills platzieren und die Grillholzkohle oder die Holzkohlebriketts vulkanförmig um den Mokan verteilen, bis er von der Kohle eng umhüllt ist.

Step 3:

Enlight the candlewick on the top of the MOKAN - done! The flame goes out after a short time. Then do not move the coal! No additional air supply necessary.


After 15 minutes the grill charcoal is thoroughly annealed. As soon as ash forms on the barbecue charcoal, an optimal BBQ heat is achieved.

Schritt 3: Docht oben am Mokan anzünden - fertig! Die Flamme erlischt nach kurzer Zeit. Anschließend die Kohle nicht bewegen! Kein zusätzliches Luftzuführen notwendig.


Mokan Team: Martin Steber, Martin Schlobach, Marius Hartmann

Martin Steber: Growing up in the Allgäu region of Germany, after graduating from high school in Bonn, he studied history. After he finished he spent many years in peace education. Today, Martin controls and coordinates everything related to production and daily business.

Martin Schlobach: Martin is an engineer for building technology and an avid blogger. He is responsible for all online related activities. This includes the planning and control of the website, the blog and the supervision of all measures in online marketing.

Marius Hartmann: Marius is a process engineer and responsible for the technical development of the products and the expansion of the product portfolio in the company.


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Phone: +49 228 360 282 75
E-Mail: info@mokan.de